The Fool and the Belle

Here is some advanced notice for an experiencing at the Mez. I will be performing some Shawnee BoyEEE classics, some obscure cuts, some poetic writings, spitting mad beats from my mouth while playing harmonica/recorder/or sucking a big penis, and we shall see what else happens in the spirit of improvisation. I will be accompanied by my favorite funky spirit summoning Flautist as well, Ana Belle; also with other guest musicians freaks and weirdos... Raw Energy!!!!

the Mez 389 Gregory st Rochester Ny Sat. Sept. 6 $3 8-11 Live Love
Karrah Teague just joined the bill!!!! www.myspace.com/karrahteague

my Raw food experiment

3 weeks 99% Raw 1% coffee now about 3 days 100% Raw involuntarily quit coffee. Better skin more mental acuity, quit coffee, the last cup I got was a small and I drank 1/4 of it and had to toss it and for about 2 1/2 weeks I was drinking one cup about midday from 3 or 4 cups, sometimes skipping a day, maybe 2 days of 2 cups. Otherworldly experiences, naps out of the question with the energy surging through me, lost 5 pounds, 150 to 145, not my intention. Joints don't ache or anything and my skin feels so good like I'm wearing lotion. Feel lighter. Running with ease. Crazy shit!! Who would have thought it would be so simple to feel so optimal. I was taking 20cc of insulin morning and 10 before bed, went down to 15cc morn and 5 at night, now I take 10 morning and about 2 at bed and my sugar would go low if I took 4 or 5 at night. Having really good sugars. Going raw has been amazing for me. No other animal cooks their food and I feel so much more connected to the natural flow, loving Qi Gong too!!! Be healthy

some of Rochester's greatest minds together tonight

tonight Sat. friends and cuntry people We will have tarot readers available afterwards if you'd like your cards read!!! Good food Coffee tea and expressions from the heart

Come on up to The Mez 389 Gregory st. and Enjoy an Experiencing of Music, poetry, interpretive dance, trance and Essay w/

Shawnee Fool- a unique blend of raw acoustic Chivalry Beats rhymes screaming glossolalia Beat box recorder/harmonica and I'll be reading from my upcoming book, "Poetry, songlyrics, and random writings: Adventures with the Fool

Marie Starr- Sensual liberating strong exquisite poetry

Urknee and Bjurton- Rochester tries to hide these guys but you know how demons are Exotic improvisational avante Garde music interspersed with mad cap impromptu genius spoken nerd poetry

Chris Reynolds- psychadelic neo shamanic trance poetry

Arianna- one of the most revered rochester poets has been performing since she was 3 and 10 years later she reads on her birthday!

Ronen Akkauy- Philosopher/ physicist/ essayist/Sephardic Jew

Doors at 7:30 show starts at 8
5 bones 4 6 artists
no one turned away

Blast da fuckin freestyle mic brothas and sistas

resist change with all yr might!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
battle the river
new life a click away!!
click! no more president
I rule my world
sniveling puppies
I have just as much right to this world as anyone
fuck Vespucci
everythings for everyone!! nothings anyones on sale noW!!!
lets see if I own my world or maybe I'm just
a sniveling puppy!!!
quit job don't like
watch mind figure out what
I really like (hang out in parks, circus cities, forests for weeks months years and it'll show itself
use heart get what I really want
enjoy life

Why don't you like American women Miles Davis?
Cause most of them are just trying to be what they see on T.V

spiked green

I think I got some of that Coke a Cola green and little sleep except for the sun my face. Life changes, let go be now
live love get it?
can't fuck with the now
Slowly decaying
fill cells with breath
make em smile
forever witty and charming
as long as yr not
trying to emulate past wittiness
and everything goes through the filter to the mouth
7 second delay on yo self
fuck thinking
I should have said it!! Damn filter
let me say it now..oooh bad timing
say anything different
it's usually more interesting
than oh my god did you hear what
I heard on the media the other day?
That's where I get my funniness too!
Stay away from the coke weed man
Keep yr heart healthy dig
nurture the heart today slow
it down

Thank-you all my pussy cats for the clues and the

hack hack furball ahhchooo!! it's all coo
still in the Now

out of my head!

I had my ears plugged a few days ago and I went to a party. I was explaining to someone that it felt as if my 1st person vision went blind and I could only see in 3rd person. 3rd person semi-omniscient, who wants to be totally omniscient any how? Playing a Shawn Burleigh show at Starry Nites tomorrow (sat) and tonight(Fryday) Gaylord is playing at the BugJar, my favorite Rochester Band. May the Shwartz be with you!

(no subject)

Saw my favorite Rochester band Gaylord in Ithaca. They fucking rock and are incredible. The first time I got high they were jammin in my basement bedroom with tin foil on the walls and red light and all. Ithaca is nice. Really good musicians a lot in to that Appalacian style. Played a show with this really incredible band Dufus and my friend Max used to go to a music camp that the frontman for that band's parents ran. Writing some songs that I'm really happy with and I can't wait to record them. Been getting really dope live recordings I've been putting on my cd. The newest manifestation of my Dirty Dessert to Curb the Hurt is doing well, I think cause of the excellent new cover that has a little girl in a high chair with a mess of cake on the tray and one piece of cake up to her mouth with a real pensive look in her eyes. It sounds great with the new live stuff intermixed with some studio recorded material. Just a clown sounds good and Welcome to the Monkey Taos sounds great and they're all great actually . Getting my lazy ass in gear and applying for DSS Tompkins county style. Hanging out with the kids and getting some dope recordings of them. One has the little 4 year old girl talking about how she's gonna rip the bones out of her punk ass bitch brothers body and blood will flow!! It's like death metal by a 4 year old girl. Peace and abundance

consumer nightmare

I went to buy shoes the other day and realized I never buy new stuff and I went to get shoes and all the shoes were bragging how they were leather and I said I can't support the mass killing of peaceful cows and all the other shoes were made in China and I thought of how China supports military governments that torture buddhist monks and they pay the shoemakers like $3 a day(slavery)(not giving people a living wage and giving people just enough to afford housing and food is pretty much slavery in my dictionary) and so I still have the same shoes on, and I'm waiting for a good pair from a thrift store. Consumerism = violence or I would definitly have the consumer circle overlapping a lot with the violence circle in a venn diagram. I can't believe shopping for things is what most people do to feel good. Produce art and feel good about yourself, it's worth the process!!
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a psychadelic florist eating mushrooms in a burnt forest

I got some free studio time and did a half hour set Monday. Got Welcome to the Monkey House, Just a Clown, Oppressed; Life is a mess Hoo Hoo Hoo ha HA, Penta, a new dope beatcordia and beatmonica, Trippin the Trickster psychadelic Loki, Wu Wei, and a beat box drum solo recorded in a dope studio called Rep studios in Ithaca. I love it and have a rough copy. Took a couple pieces of paper tues and played a nice set at an ABC Cafe open mike, I love that stuff! Wed. played a show at Letters; Central Hots and had a freakin' blast, Fri. I played a superbad show at House of Hamez with David Gervasi who is a great guitar player musician and a funny mother fucker and he recorded the whole show so I should have some dopeness from that. Working on the new songs and some covers. Hanging out with my lovely wife and having a great time. I hope everyone is feeling great and creating and loving Living bare nare na nare nare!!!
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Shawn Burleigh Starry Nites tonight Fri 8pm FREE

I've been playing guitar smoking ganja eating glow sticks making love, eating organic vegatables,pussay,noodles with peanut sauce ginger and other things to make your head tingle, making crayon art and I will be playing some of my favorite songs others have wrote like Leonard Cohen, Prince, Bob Dylan, and some new Shawnee BoyEEE, vocal percussion with recorder, lovely Ana Doll will acompany me with some flute, my friend Kyle will fuck you up with his dirty jazz funk guitar, and my friend Liza will spice it up with some songs en espanol, hop to c ya
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